TTT is CCCool!

by Arlyn on February 24, 2008

Riding with The Descenders yesterday, I got to take some turns in their TTT formation.

The Blue Train in TTT formation

The theory is that you get a group of riders in a line to share wind protection. The person on the front goes balls-out for a short period of time while everyone else is tucked neatly behind and only going 70-80% because they are sheltered from the wind. When the leader is done with her pull, she moves to the side, allowing the next cyclist to drive the train. The ex-leader tucks into the back of the group and recovers until it’s her turn to pull again.

This is some seriously fun stuff!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be rolling at 30+mph waiting for your turn at the front. As soon as you leave the leaders’ draft the wind assaults you and I immediately went to 100% to keep the speed constant. It’s awesome to be at the front with your legs burning, terrified that you’re not going fast enough and wondering if you can hold the pace just until the next…

I did as best as I could, but my form was not perfect. Sometimes I pulled too hard and fractured the group, sometimes I pulled to slow and they decided to pass me. Once, I went completely apeshit from adrenaline and overcooked this left hand turn – I’m glad there was a little hard-pack on the shoulder 🙂

This is a discipline I look forward to practicing again!

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