40m: Kamikaze Squirrels!

by Arlyn on June 26, 2008

Their sinister pact was hatched a long time before I came zooming down the SR-56 bike path. It was a beautiful, clear day and I was riding right into their ambush at 22.7mph.  After my century ride Tuesday, I was just out for a few recovery miles to the coast and back. But who can guess the dark thoughts of a twisted rodent mind?  They waited patiently, for maybe hours, for just the right moment.  With the wind (and a little Dave Matthews) rushing in my ears, I couldn’t hear their tiny rodent-cries of “Banzai!!” as they unleashed their sinister attack!

The first kamikaze squirrel darted out from the ice plant along the side of the trail aimed directly for my front wheel!  BUMP-THUMP! I was just rolling over the first suicide-attacker when the second squirrel launched, again directly for my front wheel!  BUMP-THUMP! Oooh, another direct hit.

The attackers had not considered the strength of my new Mavic Kysrium SLC wheels, nor the 110psi pressure in my tires, nor my 185lb bulk, driving my bike forward at 22.7mph.  Unfortunately for them, their attack was a total disaster.  I slowed and turned around after the incident but I did not see any bodies on the road.  Maybe their accomplises quickly dragged them to a little squirrel-M*A*S*H hospital.

Keep your eyes open for these little guys.  This could have been the opening moves in a larger revolutionary action – they are probably upset about all those “Don’t feed the squirrels!” signs at the local parks…

We’ve been warned…

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