Off to Germany (ohne Fahrrad)

by Arlyn on August 19, 2008

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t updated you-all in way too long.

The Mrs. flew with the kids to Germany a week ago and today I once again fly across the Big Pond to join them.  It’s a “visit-the-family” trip which means my beautiful bike is staying home without me.  Don’t worry – I’ve arranged for a sitter.

We’re visiting my wife’s family in a very small, rural town at the northernmost tip of Bavaria (Bayern).  I met the Mrs. while stationed in Germany with the 8th Infantry Division way back in 1989 when the Berlin Wall was still up, the Cold War was hot, and driving an M1A1 main battle tank around (Western) Germany was just plain good times.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time back in her sleepy village.  There’s not much to do except eat, drink coffee, talk, eat more, drink beer, sing a few songs – all while hiking through the woods (sometimes even at night).  Here’s a map of where we’re going to give you the idea…

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I have actually been cycling and just not writing about it.  Went to Julian last Tuesday and set all kinds of new records for myself.  1:46 to the top of Old Julian Rd and 2:56 to the pie shop in Julian.  Then I suffered all the way home.  It always happens that way.  I always end up limping back for home, wishing that someone would hit me with a car just so I can get a free ride home in an ambulance.

Here’s the elevation profile to explain.

For some reason (and I think this is what makes me a little odd), as soon as I get home I’m stoked and ready to ride again.  All memories of past suffering are replaced with visions of glory.  So I talked Mark into joining me for a return trip on Saturday.

We took it nice and easy all the way to Julian.  I could tell Mark was nervous about the distance and elevation so we kept the pace low and I took the front a lot.  We arrived in Julian just fine and enjoyed our pie a lot.  We sat in the dappled sunshine and played with our iPhones as only boys can do.

Then we started home and Mark bonked.  Really hard.  With 15 or 20 miles to go I could tell he was really suffering.  I stayed with him and felt sorry cause I know I’ve spent a lot of time in that house of pain, especially on my way home from Julian.  After a time, we made it home and Mark survived (I pinged him the next day just to make sure <g>).

Now I’m getting on a plane and heading back overseas.  Maybe while I’m there I’ll talk the wife into letting me get a mountain bike!

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