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December 2008

60m: Humble Pie

December 20, 2008

The truth is I’m just not fast enough. I rode with the Descenders this morning after four days of inactivity. Being totally rested, I expected to dominate on the hills and on Dye Road. My goal was to take on as many high intensity attacks as possible to simulate the feel of a road race. […]

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Palomar Mountain

December 19, 2008

Palomar Mountain is one of the highest peaks in San Diego County, rising to 6,140 feet within sight of the Pacific Ocean. Its South Grade Road offers 4,700 feet of spectacular climbing over 13 miles. The upper section contains 21 switchbacks, making it a popular destination for both cyclists and motorcyclists.

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13m: Some good fun

December 15, 2008

Completely unsatisfactory! The rain-mongers predict it will rain all week! I’m just starting the second week of my first Build period and I cannot sit, sit, sit, sit on cold, cold wet days. I do not like it, not one little bit.  Ha! But I know some games I can play. I know it is […]

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49m: On that cold, cold wet day

December 13, 2008

It is still dark when the alarm goes off at 6am. I tiptoe downstairs and get my bike set up while the espresso machine warms up. Head for a shower after a doubleshot and try to decide how much cold weather gear to put on. Forecast is calling for a high of 58F, grey skies […]

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I love a good challenge

December 12, 2008

Iwant to win a bicycle race.  It gives me chills to say that out loud. Deep down, I don’t believe I’m strong enough or have enough discipline to get strong enough. In 2009, I will win a bike race.  Now that’s just crazy talk! Everyone knows that I’m a little bit competitive. I’m always trying […]

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