5m: That Apple Didn’t Fall Far

by Arlyn on January 1, 2009

Donald’s stories about riding with his son inspired me to ride with my seven year old daughter. She’s asked me several times to ride together, but I never made it happen because I was worried she was more enamored with the idea than the actual riding. But after seeing all the fun Donald had, I finally agreed to ride with Sofia.

Sofia at Miramar Lake

Sofia has always loved her bike and she always seems to go all out. Crashing never seems to bother her much either, which I think is a good sign. She was jumping off curbs two days after we took her training wheels off.

So, on New Year’s Eve, we drove to Miramar Lake and pootled the five mile paved road around the reservoir. It was a bright, clear day and we had a blast together. She rode the trail easily and I believe we could have done a second lap, but decided to end on a success rather than risk it for the second lap.

Happy Cyclist

Sometimes she’d pick some sign up ahead and say, “Beat you to the sign!” and take off. Wow, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I was on my mountain bike and we even practiced going off road a little on some side trails. I can’t wait for our next ride.

Dad and daughter

Next step – take the training wheels off my younger son’s bike.

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