Life and Death of my Garmin Edge 305

by Arlyn on January 10, 2009

unitI bought a Garmin Edge 305 in May of 2008 and have been addicted ever since. It’s become an indispensible training tool – I use it on both my road and mountain bikes.

A couple of months ago it started shutting off in the middle of rides. That’s a problem – incomplete data sucks. It got worse and pretty soon my Garmin was shutting off at least once each ride.

I hate calling technical support. For all the reasons you can guess. But I had no choice, so I picked up the phone and dialed. Within 3 minutes I was talking to a real human that spoke the same language as me. I explained the problem and he immediately gave me the address to return the unit to. Apparently this is a common problem among the Edge 305 units. All I had to do was send in my broken unit and they’d send me a new (or refurb) one. Impressed with the service I received, I hung up. That was easy.

Then I started to do the math on how long I’d be without my Garmin – up to two weeks, that could be 8 workouts with no HR data while I ride or later for analysis. I’m in the final Build Period of my race training! No, that’s not going to work. Again, I grimaced, picked up the phone and hoped for the best.

I pleaded my case to the woman in customer service – was there any way I could please receive a new unit before sending in my broken one? They could put a hold on my credit card, anything, I just gotta have that data. To my delight, she said sure. Even better, she said that if I emailed her a UPS tracking number, she’d ship my replacement unit immediately, saving me the credit card hold. Wow!

The new unit arrived Wednesday so I’ve only missed data from two workouts. The unit looks brand new and the only thing that bums me out is that I had to have to re-customize all the settings.

Now that’s great customer support. Thanks Garmin!

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