My Tour de France Legs

by Arlyn on January 12, 2009

My Tour de France legs have left me. The legs that could climb the Galibier, Telegraph, Croix and Mollard the day after hammering up Alpe d’Huez are gone.

But that’s ok. This year I have different goals. I don’t want to ride mountains all day long; I want to win a bike race. I want to be able to ride fiercely for just two or three hours and have enough at the end to win.

This occurred to me as I was pedaling up Palomar Mountain with Mark last Saturday. I could feel that I’ve been out of the mountains. I wasn’t as smooth as I remembered. This brand of suffering was a little sharper than I remembered. I still beat my record up South Grade Road by 16 seconds.

Palomar Mountain

There is still a lot of snow on Palomar from the recent storms.

I coasted back down to Mark and thought I’d pootle up the last 3/4 mile with him. Mark would have none of it. He started heckling me immediately. “Go. Time to go. Attack. Don’t you want to win? Do you want it bad enough? Maybe you should just watch Boulevard on TV. Go. Go.”
I had no choice but to go, but I didn’t get far before the body gave up. I tried to gather my sensibilities until I could hear Mark behind me again. “Don’t let me catch you. I’ll pass you.” So I went again. Recovered and went again. And again. I’m going to start calling Mark, “Coach.”

Palomar Observatory

I think Will is going to love this photo.

The cool thing was how fast I could recover. In about a minute, I went from feeling pukey to wanting to attack again. That’s the result of interval and threshold training. My Tour de France legs never had that.

Elevation Profile - Palomar Mountain

We parked in Valley Center and added Lake Wohlford as a warmup hill.

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Will January 16, 2009 at 10:29 am

ha, excellent! Well done and great photo! It has all the element: a bike, a cheesy grin, some snow, and something interesting in the background.

Link is to a photo a couple of days ago with a white dome building as well (mine is an air radar center).

Arlyn January 20, 2009 at 3:52 pm

Nice photo Will, as always.

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