Taking a Rest Week

by Arlyn on January 15, 2009

After the thrashing my legs took on Saturday, I planned to do a sort of threshold workout on Monday by riding the Penasquitos Canyon MTB trail as fast as I could. Out and back, it’s a total of 30 miles with really only one significant grade.

Rancho Penasquitos Preserve

The trail near I-15 is like flying down a tunnel.

I hammered it on the way out and really enjoyed the trail. Mountain biking like this is so different from riding roads. On the road, you can get in a trance and disappear into your head as you pedal onwards. On the trail, you’re always alert, always maneuvering and reacting to trail conditions. When you’re going as fast as you can on single track, it’s even more exciting.

Rancho Penasquitos Preserve

What a beautiful trail. Mid-week, there is almost no traffic.

I was happy to see the temporary bridges back in place over the two washed out creek crossings under I-15. I wish there was an online resource to consult about the status of the bridges and trails. They get washed out when it rains.

I knew I was moving fast and kept the hammer down as I progressed towards the west end. I knew I was using a lot of energy, but really wanted to beat my time. I got to a washed out section of the trail and did the hike-a-bike through a 5 foot deep streambed. I would hate to have missed that.

It was hard to see the stopwatch on my Garmin, but I felt myself getting close and pushed harder. I beat my east-west record by just 23 seconds, crossing from the pond in Poway to the gate at Vista Sorrento Parkway in just 52:40 for an average speed of 13.9 mph.

My body revolted on the way back and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my speed up. I still pushed as hard as I could but lost a whopping 6 minutes on my record. With my legs smarting and my body weary, I climbed the 400 feet up Pomerado Road in a trance.

I didn’t feel very sore Wednesday after a day of rest. I decided on a hill day and try to repeat the good times I had on last week’s Tour de Scripps Ranch. The legs revolted on the first little hill. I had zero gas and for the first time in a long while, I just didn’t feel like pushing it. So, I listened to my body and pootled around the lake, trying to focus on maintaining high cadence.

Today was another rest day and I think I’ll do a longer recovery ride tomorrow. That turns this week into a recovery week which is just fine. I can hammer the next two weeks and then taper into the race on the 7th.

Perfect timing.

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Dave February 8, 2009 at 5:06 pm

There is a list serve of folks who keep tabs on the conditions in the canyon. Email me if you would like me to forward their contact info.
I really like your blog. Very well put together and written. Congrats on your Boulevard results. Can’t believe how cold it was.

Arlyn February 9, 2009 at 7:29 am

Thanks Dave, that sounds perfect. And thanks for the kind words. The snow made Boulevard epic, for sure.

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