Yellow Bike Takes the Win!

by Arlyn on February 1, 2009

The pace was controlled up to kilometer zero where the two riders began the race. Yellow Bike took an early lead. He quickly got the gap with only a little bit of wobbling and weaving. Orange Bike followed at a safe distance.

Authors note: This is really an account of me riding five miles around Miramar Lake with my 5-year-old son Aden on his little yellow bike that we just took the training wheels off of. Obviously, we both had a blast.

As is common in epic one-day races, nerves were running high in the peloton and riders were a bit twitchy. Tragedy struck early when Yellow Bike attempted to ride through a group of walkers rather than around. The race was temporarily neutralized as apologies were made. A ban on “running people over” was quickly instituted and accepted by the riders’ unions. The race director waved the red flag and the race was back on.

Yellow Bike hamming it up

Yellow Bike, hamming it up around kilometer 3

The kilometers slowly unfurled beneath the riders’ wheels. Yellow bike kept the lead except when passing larger groups, when Orange Bike would run interference. Orange bike didn’t want a two-year suspension for violating the new ban on “running people over”.

Staying hydrated is very important on epic one-day races and when it was discovered that the peloton had departed without any water, the riders protested loudly. Unfortunately, the team car was far away, at the back of the caravan and no water could be had. Luckily, Orange Bike remembered an upcoming feed zone so the race continued.

By kilometer 6, weariness had crept into the legs of the riders. There was talk of “taking a rest” and “I wanna go back”, but the teams’ Director Sportif prodded the group on with a manly lecture on “sucking it up” over race radio.

Soon, the peloton was zooming across the Dam, headed back to town. The group became electric as the finish line neared. There was a lot of movement among the riders, each trying to find the right lead out train to take victory in the final sprint. Then the mad sprints were on and with the crowd roaring, Yellow Bike launched his bike across the finish line for the win.

Yellow Bike accepted the adulations of the crowd as he traded the traditional bottle of champagne for a simple Messy Sundae. Congrats on your first victory Yellow Bike!

Messy Sundae

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Daniel Kreger February 1, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Awesome write-up! If you keep this up, perhaps one day Yellow Bike will be in a certain Yellow Jersey!

Mark February 2, 2009 at 9:45 am

Do you expect me to believe that Orange Bike actually let Yellow Bike win? No way!

Arlyn February 2, 2009 at 10:26 am

@Daniel: Thanks Dan, it was a really fun day.

@Mark: I’m letting him win the first couple to get him addicted, then I’ll put the hammer down (if I still can by then!)

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