Postcards From Boulevard

by Arlyn on February 8, 2009

My friend Mark drove an hour east of San Diego just so he could stand in the freezing cold, rain and snow to get these pictures of us. He is the man! Thanks Mark!

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Lead group on the first lap

This is the lead group on the first lap. There are three Descenders here and you can see Rick smiling. Everyone else is grimacing.

Arlyn struggles to maintain contact on lap 1

Here I am at the same spot. I’m struggling to maintain contact with Voris (in the clear poncho).

It was really cool seeing Mark on the race course

It was cool having Mark on the course, it really lifted my spirits and gave me another reason to leave it all on the road.

Lone rider in no-man's land

This is a great shot of an unknown rider in no-man’s land.

Lead group beginning climbing in second lap

The lead group (with three Descenders on the front) beginning lap two climbing. Logan looks great here.

Arlyn begins climbing in the second lap

Me at the same spot, searching for my legs.

Just starting to rain

Trying to strike a pose for the cameraman – did it work?

Arlyn starts to feel a little better

Tucked and aerodynamic, just starting to feel better. This is when I realized I could start catching people.

Arlyn on the nose of a chase group

I’m on the front of our chase group, climbing the last bits on La Posta Road. Dave (behind me) is getting ready to jump out and hammer downhill. Also, there’s Yellow-Jersey-Guy (Josh).

Down comes the snow

Big, wet, sloppy flakes – I love this photo of the four of us. I had no idea Blue-Jersey-Guy was back there.

Fulfilling a dream

I’ve always wanted to chuck a bottle like the pros. I don’t know why, just because it seemed cool.

Arlyn approaches the finish

Coming into the finish, I had nothing left for the sprint. Voris and Josh (Yellow-Jersey-Guy) duked it out for 20th and 21st, leaving me 22nd.

Arlyn at the finish line

The end of my first road race. I’m proud of my results knowing that I gave it my all and left everything on the road.

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