I Love a Good Bike Race

by Arlyn on February 24, 2009

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to watch the Stage 8 of the Tour of California as they raced over Palomar Mountain, here in San Diego.

Leaders on the road

Levi, on Jens Voigt’s wheel, being LeviSTRONG.

We rode up Palomar the morning of and reveled in the spectacle that is a bike race. There was the Pope, the Antler Guy, some dude in sparkly-green shorts and a whole bunch more fanatics amid thousands of excited fans. We were cheered as we ascended the 21 switchbacks of South Grade road at a paltry 8mph average.

Chase Group with Lance and Chechu

Lance is back and I couldn’t be happier!

The Descenders were smart and resourceful enough to have a truck parked on the final turn, about 250 meters from the KOM marker. We tailgated in style while the peloton suffered its way to us. Beer, brats, comfy chairs and all that crazy energy on the top of Mount Palomar – it was awesome.

Cheering the Autobus in front of our truck

Cheering the Autobus. I’m stoked at seeing Mark Cavendish, the fastest man on two wheels.

Finally, the boys arrived and we screamed by the side of the road with thousands of other fans. I waved my cow bell frantically at Levi, Andy, Dave, Frank, Jens, Christian and all the others. I almost lost my mind when Lance went by with George, Chechu and the others in the second group. We even cheered like mad for the Autobus, with Cav’s bright green sprint leader’s jersey.

It was a spectacular day. Thank you Tour of California – see you again next year!

Update – check out these great photos of the scene atop Palomar from Velonews

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