I needed help, desperately.

by Arlyn on March 12, 2009

You see, I signed up for this crazy 100-mile mountain bike race held in Colorado called the “Leadville 100”. Well, this insane race actually starts at 10,200 feet above the ocean and goes uphill from there. I can smell the ocean from my house.

My Yippe Card!

No, I don’t really live at 123 Main Street.

Both Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis have raced Leadville and NOT won. I am going to have to train my butt off just to finish in the 12-hour minimum.

I tried doing the self-training thing. I read the book 12 times and built a whole series of spreadsheets. I tracked everything and was as meticulous as an engineer can be about workouts, nutrition and recovery. In the end, I lined up for a 40-mile early-season Cat 5 road race and did…

Velonews: Arlyn, congrats on finishing the Boulevard Road Race, how did you do?
Arlyn: Thanks. I dunno, good? 22 is my lucky number actually.
Velonews: Could you have done any better?
Arlyn: Well, 22nd sure seems to leave a lot of room for improvement.
Velonews: What could you have done differently to have done better?
Arlyn: Uh, good question. I’m not really sure.
Velonews: What kind of training will prepare you for the Leadville 100, one of the most prestigious ultra-endurance races in the world?
Arlyn: Uh… why are you asking me? I’m an engineer, not a coach.

Exactly! I’m not a coach. So, I got one. In fact, I hired Lance’s coach! Ok, not Chris himself, but one of CTS’s senior coaches – meet Coach Colin, a new regular here on the Adventure. We’ve been working together for about one week and I’m digging how I don’t have to spend any time thinking about my training plan. All I do is whatever Coach Colin says.

No pressure Coach Colin, but it’s all up to you now.

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philip March 15, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Just stumbled across this blogsite its great reading !!!!!!!

Arlyn March 15, 2009 at 1:02 pm

Thanks Philip! Welcome to the Adventures.

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