Poor little guy

by Arlyn on March 20, 2009

For whatever reason, the little computer for my brand new PowerTap SL+ lost its grip with the handlebar mount on its maiden voyage. I can’t be sure, but it’s possible that it let out a little electronic scream as it fell slowly toward the pavement below, which was rushing by at over 35 mile per hour. I like to think that the little guy did not suffer much, dying instantly instead of lying there injured, listening as my power signals faded slowly into the distance, waiting for the big truck that would inevitably smash it to smithereens.

We’ll just never know though, will we?

I'm left with the pieces

These are the only pieces I could find.

What I do know is that I called Saris, the manufacturer of my delicious new power meter and explained my predicament. Brynn listened carefully and then shipped me a brand new unit and mount. Her only request was that I mail her back whatever pieces I have of the old unit so she doesn’t get in trouble for shipping me a bunch of free stuff.

Duuuude! Dude. Seriously, I think this deserves a triple-Dude. Go buy something from Saris, cause they rock.

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