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March 2009

Honoring Leadville

March 18, 2009

The Summit Daily News is reporting that Lance Armstrong has officially entered this year’s Leadville 100. Last year, he finished 2 minutes behind Dave Wiens, 6-time winner and course record holder. Chris Carmichael is registered and there is also talk that Floyd Landis will make his return to Leadville this year too. Lance racing Leadville. […]

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I needed help, desperately.

March 12, 2009

You see, I signed up for this crazy 100-mile mountain bike race held in Colorado called the “Leadville 100”. Well, this insane race actually starts at 10,200 feet above the ocean and goes uphill from there. I can smell the ocean from my house. No, I don’t really live at 123 Main Street. Both Lance […]

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Best day on a snowboard

March 11, 2009

I spent all last week with my family in Mammoth Lakes snowboarding, hanging out and generally having one heck of a good time. I managed to get 7 consecutive days on my brand new snowboard which began to feel like I was in a stage race. So why am I writing about snowboarding on my […]

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Two Boys Playing in the Snow and Mud

March 2, 2009

At first, it was just mud. And the mud was fun, maybe just a little slippy, but mountain biking through mud feels really elemental and soulful. As we climbed higher on Middle Peak, the snow patches alongside the trail crept quietly until at last they covered the width of the fire road. You could ride […]

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