I dig Twitter

by Arlyn on April 12, 2009

I dig twitterI dig Twitter, but maybe not why you think.

First, I detest distractions, they are truly in opposition to doing anything well. Secondly, I’m not into “tweeting” about all my daily events like, “Writing a blog post!” or “Smearing a bagel!” or “Watching my cat chase a bird!” and am certainly not into reading anyone else’s random blatherings.

But I am a huge fan of pro cycling. I have been for years and I follow all my favorite riders. I devour VeloNews and have my TiVo set to auto-record Versus for anything remotely cycling related. These media are great, but only provide the “official view”. Except for a rare interview, you don’t get many glimpses into what it’s really like to be a pro cyclist.

As it turns out, many pro cyclists are on Twitter and regularly share directly with their fans. All of a sudden, I’ve got an insider’s view into what it’s like to be a pro cyclist – a view previously unavailable unless you happened to know these guys personally.

Here’s a sampling from today Twitter feed. Any of those names sound familiar?

mcewenrobbie just had a guy on the phone saying his dog has a headache. well my knee hurts! you do the math

mickrogers Hard day at Pais-Vasco today. Lost a little bit more than I would of liked on the finish climb. Oh well. I’ll have a go in the tt Saturday

CadelOfficial Another day of Vuelta Pais Vasco done, my third second place for the year :o(

lancearmstrong hear they arrested 2 guys 4 stealing my bike at the ToC. These guys musta been @ the back of the line when they were handing out the brains.

ghincapie 305 average Watts today for 5 hours. Epic day. Legs were good though. Very happy my roomate won.

johanbruyneel Happy to hear that Kurt Hovelynck (Quick Step rider) who crashed heavily on march 17 and has been in coma since, is doing better. Good news!

I’m arlynasch. I plan to post about specific workouts I do to prepare for Leadville and stuff that’s too short for a full article. Follow if you’re interested.

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