Hey Speedplay,

by Arlyn on April 14, 2009

You might remember my rock throwing incident riding my mountain bike in Elfin Forest last December. I blamed a lot of my problems on an ancient set of pedals I was using so I immediately set about replacing them with whatever was “best”. I chose Speedplay Frogs, partly because I love the Speedplay X/2’s on my road bike.

Well, last week I replaced the Frogs with a set of Shimano SPD-style pedals. Here’s the letter I sent to Speedplay about my experiences.

Hey Speedplay,

I wanted to write to tell you guys why I’m bailing on my Speedplay Frogs and going with a set of Shimano pedals instead.

First, I’m a fan of Speedplay and have run X/2’s on my road bike for years. That’s why I got the Frogs for my brand new MTB in January. I started having problems with my foot coming out almost immediately, but I guess kinda hoped the problem would go away. The problem came to a head last Saturday when I was climbing a long technical jeep road near Julian. My foot would slip off the pedal, I’d lose momentum and scramble to get my foot clipped back in before needing to stop. Super frustrating to say the least.

So this week I called your tech support dept and left a message. They called me back the next day and I have to say I received excellent service. I actually ended up calling and speaking to two different people, both of whom had a real commitment to me being successful with the pedals. On the service front, I have to say you guys are top notch. I got some advice on how to trim my shoes to allow the cleat base to lie flat and to shim the little pad that is the effective clip on the cleat. I followed direction and the cleats did get a little tighter and a little less prone to unclipping. I’m sure if I kept at it, I might get them even a little bit tighter.

But here’s the rub – I’m standing in my garage examining a millimeter lip of metal, trying to get it to stick out another half-millimeter and I realize I can’t afford to ride with gear that is this sensitive or just a millimeter away from failure. I’m training to ride this year’s Leadville 100 and I need gear that is 100% reliable, no questions asked – all the time, rain, mud, rocks, whatever. And Frogs are just not there.

Today I installed a set of Shimano SPD-style pedals and they work perfectly, right out of the box. I wish that my Frogs had worked like that too.

Still A Proud Speedplay X/2 Customer
Arlyn Asch

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