The Shortcut

by Arlyn on May 31, 2009

After spending the 35 minutes it takes to climb Middle Peak in Cuyamaca, you are presented with a choice. You can either continue down the back of Middle Peak via the well cleared fire road, or you can take an improbable left and take what we call, The Shortcut.

Yesterday, I was following Mark and Andy down The Shortcut from the top of Middle Peak. It’s spectacular single track over a very rocky trail with a quarter mile section that basically goes through the bushes. Eight foot tall bushes growing on both sides of the trail completely obfuscate the trail. Make sure you close your mouth because these bushes don’t taste very good. And try to ignore that reflex to close your eyes; you’re wearing sunglasses and you need to see to avoid the big boulders.

The Shortcut

Close your mouth and keep your eyes open, this is the trail.

We always take The Shortcut.

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