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2010 Julian Death March

August 12, 2010
Racing the 2010 Julian Death March

W hen I saw Sam ahead of me I knew that it was time to attack. Glory was at hand. Sam was the strongest rider amongst the group of friends I was racing the 2010 Julian Death March with and if I finished ahead of him, I would be first among my friends. It was […]

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Opening a Can of Whoop Ass

June 23, 2010
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Note: As a general rule, telling your competitors how good you feel before a ride and how much you’d like to kick their asses is a bad idea. After a week and a half resting after my dismal performance at Monster Climbs IV, I foreshadowed my improving form with this simple tweet. I dug the […]

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Monster Climbs III – San Diego

June 10, 2009
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The Shortcut

May 31, 2009

After spending the 35 minutes it takes to climb Middle Peak in Cuyamaca, you are presented with a choice. You can either continue down the back of Middle Peak via the well cleared fire road, or you can take an improbable left and take what we call, The Shortcut. Yesterday, I was following Mark and […]

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