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2010 Julian Death March

August 12, 2010
Racing the 2010 Julian Death March

W hen I saw Sam ahead of me I knew that it was time to attack. Glory was at hand. Sam was the strongest rider amongst the group of friends I was racing the 2010 Julian Death March with and if I finished ahead of him, I would be first among my friends. It was […]

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I Do Not Ride Alone

August 10, 2010
Arlyn does not ride alone

When the shotgun goes off this Saturday morning signaling the start of the Leadville 100, I’ll roll out all alone in a sea of 1,500 other racers. I will pedal the fifty miles to the top of Columbine Mine and the fifty miles back all by myself. No one but me will push my bike […]

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Buon giorno, signor Basso

June 8, 2010

I was on a solo breakaway suicide mission and didn’t care. I was maybe 2 minutes off the front of a twelve man chase group on the final day of our 2010 Monster Climbs trip to the high Sierras. There was really no reason for me to be out front, I was having a terrible […]

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Monster Climbs III

May 5, 2009

Three days of road bike Monster climbs along Highway 395 of the Eastern Sierras between Big Pine and Mammoth Lakes. This trip is designed for over-the-hill polka dot wanna-bees looking for good company, no cars, and upward tilting pavement. 20,000 feet of climbing on 4 goliaths in under 140 miles jammed into just 3 days. […]

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The Descenders’ Alpine Challenge

April 26, 2009

At the 2009 Alpine Challenge, Arlyn get a lot of help from Mike – his Captain on the road. The Mighty Descenders work together to take 8 of the top 20 places including first and third.

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