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The Coached Athlete

April 8, 2009

I have been working with Coach Colin from CTS for a month now and I’m starting to understand why this was such a great idea. How it works Working with Coach Colin is super easy. He publishes my workout schedule for the next 2-3 weeks online. My job is to perform each workout to spec […]

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Honoring Leadville

March 18, 2009

The Summit Daily News is reporting that Lance Armstrong has officially entered this year’s Leadville 100. Last year, he finished 2 minutes behind Dave Wiens, 6-time winner and course record holder. Chris Carmichael is registered and there is also talk that Floyd Landis will make his return to Leadville this year too. Lance racing Leadville. […]

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I needed help, desperately.

March 12, 2009

You see, I signed up for this crazy 100-mile mountain bike race held in Colorado called the “Leadville 100”. Well, this insane race actually starts at 10,200 feet above the ocean and goes uphill from there. I can smell the ocean from my house. No, I don’t really live at 123 Main Street. Both Lance […]

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Town sign champion

February 1, 2009

Yesterday was my final group ride before Boulevard, my first USCF road race. The plan was a coastal pootle to Oceanside Harbor and eleven mighty Descenders showed up for the ride. The Mighty Descenders at Oceanside Harbor. I was under strict orders from Alpha not to push too hard – with the race less than […]

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Failure versus Quitting

January 25, 2009

Iwent back to the Boulevard Race course yesterday with Mark, Voris and Rick. The idea was to pootle the first lap as a preview and then race the second and third. We’re just two weeks away from the actual race and we all wanted to leave everything on the road. I got more than just […]

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